Tamanrasset – Djanet Circuit - 12 Days

Day 1
1st day

Tamanrasset, Tinakachker

Day 2
2nd day

Tinakachker, Tagelmamet, Tagrera

Day 3
3rd day

Tagrera, Youf Ahakit, Youf Aglal

Day 4
4th day

Youf Aglal, Tadant

Day 5
5th day

Tadant, Erg Admer

Day 6
6th day

Erg Admer, Djanet

Day 7
7th day

Djanet, Essendilen

Day 8
8th day

Essendilen, Dider, Tasset

Day 9
9th day

Tasset, Tihoudayine

Day 10
10th day

Tihoudayine, Amadror, Dahine

Day 11
11th day

Dahine, Mertoutek

Day 12
12th day

Mertoutek, Tamanrasset and departure to Algiers

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